Aerial view of the airport


Runway Construction

The Ottawa International Airport Authority is planning a complete reconstruction of Runway 14/32 in the summer of 2014. Work on the 10,000 foot surface will be the final phase of a three-part plan. The work is proposed to start early in May, pending the approval of the Airport Authority’s Board of Directors. The first two parts focused on runways 04/22 and 07/25, in the summers of 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Runway 14/32 was last resurfaced by the Airport Authority in 2000. The runway currently meets Transport Canada guidelines, however once the construction is complete, it will reach far beyond and will conform to the standards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).


The project will include the following components:

•  Removal of the surface layer of asphalt from the runway;

•  Replacement of runway lighting and electrical wires;

•  Construction of a Runway End Safety Area (RESA) at both ends;

•  Regrading and repaving.


Closure of the north-south runway during construction will result in the east-west runway 07/25 being used for all commercial traffic. This will mean a temporary reprieve of aircraft noise for communities in north and south, and a temporary increase in noise for communities in the east and west. Affected communities will be notified via advertisements in local papers, community papers, via social media and this website prior to construction.

Fun Facts

Runway length: 8,000 ft (2,438 m)
Runway width: 200 ft (61 m)
New runway end safety area: 300 m long, 150 m wide

576,000 cubic meters of earth to be moved
75,000 tons of new asphalt
10 km of trenching for electrical cables
Portable asphalt plant on site
100 employees on site
8000 tons of gravel being added to runway per day  June 12th, 13th and 14th for grading.

Some contractors:
R.W. Tomlinson Ltd: principal contractor (civil)
Black & McDonald: Electrical contracting (subcontractor to Tomlinson)
Harvey Escorts – Airport security escorts
D&H Fencing
James Landscaping, Inc.
Miller Paving
Roto – mill
Greenwood Paving

Update - June 29

Runway construction started on June 1st, 2012 and has progressed at a fast pace. The project scope involves the rehabilitation of the runway surface, including re-profiling as necessary, the construction of a 300 metre runway end safety area (RESA) at each end of the runway, grading of the runway strip to match the changing elevation of the runway edges, and the replacement of all runway lights and associated wiring.

  • To date, the RESAs have been completed and are ready for grass seeding.
  • The runway has been milled, pulverized, and the base asphalt is being applied.
  • The runway at E (Echo) taxiway including Echo taxiway is complete. Seven crews worked on this area from initial excavation to base asphalt.
  • At Charlie taxiway and the threshold of runway 07, the excavation has been completed, granular base materials have been applied and graded and the base asphalt is done.

Paving has begun and three pavers are applying the base asphalt to the runway. The asphalt is supplied by three asphalt plants, and a total of 25-30 trucks will be transporting the asphalt to the pavers. This works out to a truck entering the construction site every 75 seconds!

The runway strip (the cleared, smoothed and graded area around the paved runway) has been prepared and work has now started to re-topsoil and seed 300,000 square meters (74 acres) of this graded area.

Nav Canada is on schedule for its instrument landing system (ILS) replacement for runway 07. This includes replacement of the glide path and localizer antennas.