Aerial view of the airport


Runway Construction

Starting May 20th, the Ottawa International Airport Authority is planning a complete reconstruction of Runway 14/32. Work on the 10,000 foot surface will be the final phase of a three-part plan. The first two parts focused on runways 04/22 and 07/25, in the summers of 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Runway 14/32 was last resurfaced by the Airport Authority in 2000. The runway currently meets Transport Canada guidelines, however once the construction is complete, it will reach far beyond and will conform to the standards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).


The project will include the following components:

•  Removal of the surface layer of asphalt from the runway;

•  Replacement of runway lighting and electrical wires;

•  Construction of a Runway End Safety Area (RESA) at both ends;

•  Reprofiling, regrading and repaving; and

•  Removal and installation of a new storm water system.

Closure of the north-south runway during construction will result in the east-west runway 07/25 being used for all commercial traffic. This will mean a temporary reprieve of aircraft noise for communities in north and south, and a temporary increase in noise for communities in the east and west. Affected communities will be notified via advertisements in local papers, community papers, via social media and this website prior to construction.


June Construction Update

The Runway 14/32 construction project is moving along at a steady pace. The work at intersection of the runway, which could only take place after regular hours, is now complete including the paved shoulders, storm sewers and electrical work. Taxiway Charlie is now open thus facilitating aircraft movement to Runway 07/25. 80% of the removals of old storm sewers, electrical and pavement are now complete. With more than 200 field personnel on site daily, the site is a hub of activity.

July Construction Update

After over two months of construction on Runway 14/32, the work is proceeding well. The infrastructure and runway base are prepared for paving at the end of July. Once completed, the equivalent of approximately 45 km of two-lane highway worth of asphalt will have been laid on the project. Moreover, 8.4 km of new storm sewer and more than 20 km of airfield electrical cabling will have been installed by the end of the construction project. The project is on schedule, so far, thanks to some great summer weather; we’re hoping to see a lot of sun over the next couple of months to keep the project on track.

Fun Facts

Runway length: 10,000 ft (3,049 m)
Runway width: 200 ft (61 m)
New runway end safety area: 300 m long, 150 m wide

R.W. Tomlinson Ltd

Black & McDonald - Electrical
Harvey Escorts - Airfiled security escorts
All Signs - Line painting

Project engineers:
WSP Canada Inc.