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Corporate Governance

The Ottawa International Airport Authority is governed by a 14 member Board of Directors that is nominated or appointed by various Selecting Bodies from organizations in the National Capital Region and various levels of government.

The Board of Directors

  • Nominated by: City of Gatineau
  • Craig Bater
    Nominated by: Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
  • Thom Bennett
    Appointed by: Minister of Transport
  • John Boyd
    Appointed by: Government of Ontario
  • Christopher Carruthers
    At Large
  • Scott Eaton
    At Large
  • Barbara Farber
    Nominated by: City of Ottawa
  • Patrick Kelly
    Nominated by: Ottawa Tourism
  • Brendan McGuinty
    Nominated by: City of Ottawa
  • Carole Presseault
    Nominated by: Chambre de commerce de Gatineau
  • Jacques SauvĂ©
    At Large
  • Susan St. Amand
    Appointed by: Minister of Transport
  • Janice Traversy
    At Large
  • Vacant
    Nominated by: Invest Ottawa
  • Mark Laroche
    President & CEO

The adoption of the National Airports Policy in 1994 resulted in the creation of local airport authorities across the country.  These authorities were first created with community-appointed Boards of Directors which were tasked with overseeing the management of their local facility. 
The Ottawa International Airport Authority’s Board of Directors follows guidelines that ensure that they represent the best interests of the airport and its community including:

  • professional representation nominated by all three levels of government as well as community and business organizations; 
  • directors shall not be elected officials or government employees;
  • each director has a fiduciary duty to the Airport Authority;
  • meets 6 to 8 times during the year;
  • views its principal responsibility as overseeing the conduct of the business and supervising management to ensure that long-term goals and strategies are met; and
  • must meet Conflict of Interest rules; adhere to the Code of Business Conduct, and the Public Accountability Principles.