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Environmental Measures

From the outset, the Authority has maintained a firm commitment to reducing the impact that its operation has on the environment. From recycling programs to glycol recovery and treatment, the Authority has implemented programs that have increased waste diversion, switched to environmentally friendly cleaning products and recorded excellent results in all measurement areas.

The major focus of the Authority relating to the environment is to:

  • Eliminate environmental impacts where possible;
  • Reduce the impacts when elimination is not possible; and
  • Continuously improve results from all plans and programs.

A comprehensive report was compiled in 2008 to assess our current situation and to illustrate how far we have come in environmental stewardship. The report, which has been updated in subsequent years, highlights the implementation of an Environmental Management Plan that comprises the following programs:

  • Stormwater Monitoring
  • Aircraft Noise Management
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Waste Reduction/Recycling
  • Internal Compliance Auditing
  • Tank Inventories
  • Communication/Awareness/Training
  • Green Procurement
  • Air Polution Reduction Campaign
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Energy Efficiency

To read more about the success that has been achieved on the environmental front, consult the most recent Environmental Performance Report.