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28 August 1998 :00am
Ottawa -- The unveiling of new stores at the air terminal building is further proof of the positive changes that have taken place at the Ottawa International Airport since the local Airport Authority took over operations eighteen months ago. Today, CARA Foods and the UCS Group celebrate the opening of retail concessions to provide customers at the air terminal greater product selection and convenience.

Paul Benoit, Airport Authority President and CEO, commented that he was pleased to see the airport's tenants contribute over $2 million of renovations to the make-over of the air terminal building. "With the design of the new stores and the recent expansion of the food court, customers will find the shopping and dining atmosphere at the airport more enjoyable," said Mr. Benoit. "Also, with the new retail and food outlets in the preclearance facility and in the departures lounge, it is more convenient for travellers to shop and eat while waiting for flights."

"People now have a real selection of concessions at the airport," adds Mr. Benoit, "where they can buy a gift or reading material, or they can dine, at the prices they would pay downtown or at a mall."

The air terminal building has gone through two major renovations since the Airport Authority assumed management of the airport. In July 1997, the Authority opened a US Customs and Immigration Preclearance Facility on the second floor, above the baggage claim area. Today's unveiling marks the completion of retail renovations that include new retail outlets and a variety of food concessions in the centre court of the terminal building, as well as the expansion of CARA Food outlets and UCS stores in the preclearance facility and in the departures lounge.

"The Airport Authority is proud of the new level of service being offered to travellers and customers at the airport." Mr. Benoit added, "The air terminal now has services and conveniences more fitting for the National Capital Region."

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Paul Benoit, President and CEO
(613) 248-2100