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New Boutique iStore – Something Digital for Everyone

Release date: 
18 October 2013 :00am

In keeping with its commitment to bring the products and services that its customers want into the retail mix at the airport, the Ottawa International Airport Authority is very pleased to announce that a new iStore opened its doors today. It joins two iStore kiosks that have opened in the terminal over the past two years.

The iStore will carry an impressive lineup of tablets, cameras, speakers and audio hardware from brands such as Apple, Bose, Monster, Beats and Sony, along with its own line of listening devices, Thump, which includes earphones, headphones and Bluetooth audio devices. It will complement hardware with an equally vast range of accessories for many brands of smartphones, including power supplies, cases and cables.

“Our customers have demonstrated their appetite for quality mobile devices and accessories through extensive use of the iStore kiosks. We are pleased to be able to enhance offering through the new iStore” said Mark Laroche, Airport Authority president and CEO. He added, “We trust that our clients will be as excited to have the new store as we are”.

Owned by Montreal-based Boutique iStore Canada, the iStore brand is developed and operated in airports by LS travel retail North America.

Mike Battat, President of Boutique iStore expressed his pleasure with the new store and said: “We are excited to be part of Ottawa Airport and we look forward to serving passengers with our unique fashion approach to mobile digital products. As more and more people buy smartphones and e-readers, iStore will be there to provide accessories to travellers to protect and enhance these mobile devices”.

“We are pleased to be bringing the “iStore experience” to the Ottawa travellers”, said Vadim Motlik, Chief Development Officer at LS travel retail North America. “Ottawa Airport is a major gateway to Canada and one of the busiest airports in the country. This new opening further reinforces our partnership with the Authority and we are excited to keep working with their team to provide superior shopping experiences to their passengers”.

The iStore, which is located just past the pre-board screening checkpoint in the domestic holdroom, will be in good company in Ottawa with other LS travel retail outlets such as The Great Canadian Book Store, Relay and Artizan.

OMCIAA operates Ottawa International Airport without government subsidies under an
80-year lease transfer agreement with Transport Canada. The OMCIAA’s mandate is to manage, operate and develop airport facilities and lands in support of the economic growth of the National Capital Region.