Roadway leading to the airport

New security measures

Release date: 
18 September 2001 :00am

Ottawa Airport is complying fully with new government-issued security measures to help ensure the safety of travellers.

We wish to advise airport customers that new procedures are resulting in increased processing time for passengers, both at the check-in counters and the security checkpoints.


We ask travellers for their collaboration by having all documentation, including tickets and photo ID, ready for review by airline personnel at the time of check-in. As well, airlines are requesting that travellers arrive at the airport two hours prior to boarding flights within Canada and the United States and three hours for flights to Europe.

Luggage tips

  • Do not bring any wrapped packages.
  • Passengers should be thoroughly aware of the contents of their carry-on and checked luggage, particularly with regards to electronic or battery-operated articles. Passengers must be ready to declare those items, as luggage will be searched. If any undeclared electronic items are found, the luggage may not be transported. Whenever possible, passengers should minimise the packing of such items.

Security checkpoints

  • As all carry-on luggage will be searched, minimise your carry-ons to reduce processing time.
  • Avoid putting the following items in your carry-ons: razors, scissors, letter-openers or any other sharp object that may be considered a weapon.

Thank You

Ottawa Airport and its airline partners wish to thank travellers for their precious collaboration. By following the above simple tips, you can reduce waiting time and make all travellers' journey a more enjoyable experience.

Transport Canada

For more information, please contact: Krista Kealey, Director of Communications and Public Affairs (613) 248-2050