Release date: 
1 February 2007 :00am
February 1, 2007 (Ottawa) – The Ottawa International Airport Authority is celebrating its 10th Anniversary today.

On February 1st, 1997, the federal government officially handed responsibility for operating the Ottawa International Airport. At transfer, the Authority entered into a 60-year lease with the federal government, and has since worked to develop the airport land and air services for the capital region.

Since 1997, the Airport Authority has had a positive impact on the community. Within the first six months of operation, the Authority opened a new US preclearance facility, which almost immediately attracted more than 50% additional transborder flights. In 2000, the Combined Services Building, which provided a new home for the Authority’s Emergency Rescue Services department and fleet maintenance operation, was opened as a part of the Airport Expansion Program (AEP Phase I). Completing this phase was the construction and opening of the new 650,000 square foot, state of the art Passenger Terminal Building on October 12, 2003. In 2005, the Parkade facility was expanded to add an additional 900 spaces for our clients. AEP Phase II, which involves an expansion to the domestic and international side of the terminal at the north end, began in April 2006 and is expected to be completed in 2008. By the end of 2007, the Airport Authority will have invested nearly $500 million of non government money in the airport, and by extension, the community.

“The Airport Authority team is second to none in this industry” said Paul Benoit, Airport Authority President and CEO. “I am thrilled to be marking this important event with the employees, most of whom were here from the very beginning. Every member of the team has shared the commitment to excellence that has transformed the airport into the world class facility it is today”.

Jim Durrell, Chairman of the Airport Authority’s Board of Directors acknowledged the Authority’s supporters by saying: “the Airport Authority would like to extend sincere thanks to the communities of Ottawa and Gatineau for the support it has received during its first
10 years. The Board of Directors and Airport Authority team look forward to continued collaboration as it continues to grow with and for the community.”

OMCIAA operates Ottawa International Airport without government subsidies under a 60-year lease transfer agreement with Transport Canada. The OMCIAA’s mandate is to manage, operate and develop airport facilities and lands in support of the economic growth of the National Capital Region. Its state-of-the-art passenger terminal building opened for business on October 12, 2003, and is being expanded to accommodate growth in passenger volumes.