Ottawa International Airport Becomes Smoke Free

Release date: 
4 May 1999 :00am
Beginning June 1st, 1999, Ottawa International Airport will officially become a smoke-free facility.

Currently, three smoking zones exist at Ottawa International. The first is located on the main level, by the main entrance. The second is part of the Second Cup concession, on the second floor, in the Departure area. The third is at the back of the concession main level area, in the Toast Restaurant. None is self-contained nor equipped with separate ventilation equipment.

Mr. Paul Benoit, President and CEO of the Airport Authority, said: "Ottawa International is proud to offer our customers a smoke-free environment. The (smoking) situation simply wasn't in synch with our commitment to customer service excellence. The first thing people entering the Airport notice is the smoking area, along with its tobacco smell. Come June 1st, the Airport will make a better first impression."

As of June 1st, smoking will be prohibited throughout the Airport, unless properly isolated and ventilated areas can be built and designated by then.


For more information:
Laurent Benoit (613) 248-2050
Director of Communications and Public Affairs