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Wi-Fi at the Ottawa Airport

Release date: 
31 January 2014 :00am

CBC reports issued last night and this morning concerning the collection of data from passengers in Canadian Airports who use Wi-Fi systems came as a surprise to the Ottawa International Airport Authority. The suggestion that Airport Authorities may have provided information is surprising and concerning to us.

I would like to reassure our passengers and visitors that we do not collect personal data from any users of our free Wi-Fi service, nor have we been asked to share any sort of information to the Communications Security Establishment of Canada or any other entity.

I can assure you that we provide Wi-Fi service to our clients as a customer service, and have no desire or need to seek, store or share any information; client privacy and security are very important to us.

The airport's privacy guidelines can be found on the website at

Thank you,

Mark Laroche
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ottawa International Airport Authority