World Trade Center Incident

Release date: 
11 September 2001 :00am
Ottawa, September 11, 2001
For immediate release

Following the World Trade Center incident this morning and the subsequent closure of all US airports to airborne traffic, all flights out of Ottawa Airport to the United States have been cancelled. Ottawa Airport is available to aircraft traffic on their way to the United States as a diversion point. Ottawa Airport cannot predict whether or not diversions will actually land at its facilities.

Transport Canada has also cancelled all domestic flights within Canada. Ottawa Airport cannot predict when normal operations will resume.

Ottawa Airport will endeavor to update members of the media as the situation evolves. Should Ottawa Airport be in a position to conduct a full briefing, a message stating time and locations of such briefing, will be left on the Ottawa Airport media relations line, (613) 248-2050. Ottawa Airport personnel will also endeavor to advise media who are at the airport.

Ottawa airport and it’s airline partners wish to thank the travelling public for their understanding and patience during these times of hardship for our fellow neighbours.

For more information, please contact:
Laurent Benoit
Director of Communications and Public
(613) 248-2050