Release date: 
9 December 2009 :00am
December 9, 2009 (Ottawa) – The Ottawa International Airport Authority is happy to announce that it now offers free Wi-Fi service for its clients. Effective immediately, access to the service will be available throughout most public areas of the passenger terminal building at no cost to users.

While service has been available for the past five years, there was a pay-as-you-go fee or a subscription fee that was charged to all users in order to pay for the infrastructure that was provided by a wireless supplier. The Airport Authority has since assumed responsibility for the infrastructure and is providing the service with no fees.

The decision to provide the service at no cost can, in large part, be attributed to feedback from airport users. “We have always encouraged our customers to communicate with us” said Paul Benoit, Airport Authority President and CEO. “In this case, there were a number of requests to provide a complimentary service, so that’s just what we’re doing from now on. We consider this an opportunity to say thank you to our clients”.

The Airport Authority anticipates a significant increase in demand with the conversion to a free Wi-Fi service. While it went into effect at the beginning of the month, the first week was used as a test period to ensure a successful and seamless transition. In the first week of free access, nearly 4,500 customers have already taken advantage of the service.

OMCIAA operates Ottawa International Airport without government subsidies under a 60-year lease transfer agreement with Transport Canada. The OMCIAA’s mandate is to manage, operate and develop airport facilities and lands in support of the economic growth of the National Capital Region.