Kid's Zone

Kid's Zone

Welcome to the Ottawa Airport’s Kid’s Zone! This page is for you if you’ll be travelling through the airport, or if you just love airplanes and airports. Learn about airplanes, try one of our activities, and find out what the Ottawa Airport has to offer for kids. Ready for takeoff?










Colouring Books

Would you like a special Ottawa Airport colouring book? Stop by one of our two Information desks (located on levels 1 and 3) to get your free copy. While quantities last.

Airplane of the Month – Spirit of St Louis

The Spirit of St Louis no longer flies but its story is a very interesting one. It was Charles A. Lindbergh’s plane, an American aviator who embarked on a journey to do something no one had done before him: cross the Atlantic Ocean, from New York City to Paris, by plane. It might seem trivial, but in 1927, no one had ever done it before. He embarked on his journey on a Ryan NYP, a single-engine monoplane, and in May 1927, crossed the Atlantic. It took him 33.5 hours to arrive to his destination (while today, if you fly from New York City to Paris, it will take you around 7.5 hours).

Here are some facts about the Spirit of St Louis:

  • Wingspan: 46 ft. (14 m)
  • Length: 27 ft. 7 in. (8.4 m)
  • Top speed: 120 mph (200 km/ hour)
  • Range: 4.100 miles (6.600 km)

Did you know that Lindbergh flew the Spirit of St Louis to Ottawa in July 1927? The plane was later donated to the Smithsonian Institution.












Cool Extras

firetrucks in beside bridge



Did you know that the airport has its own firefighters and trucks? Check out some photos here.

Would your class or group like a tour of the airport’s firehall? Find out how here.