9th Plane Pull Challenge

Plane Pull Challenge

The Plane Pull 9, our annual fundraiser, was held on Saturday, September 13th, 2014. The proceeds of this year’s event, $50,000, were shared equally between Project Clear Skies, the Airport Authority’s charitable giving program and the Sens Foundation.  

What’s the Plane Pull Challenge? It’s simple: teams of 15 to 20 adults literally pull a plane, over a distance of 12 feet, as fast as they can. 

The Plane Pull is more than just a pull: it’s an occasion for team building, for socializing, for kids to play and have fun with the many exhibits we have on-site for them, but more importantly, it’s a day during which all proceeds go to help our community.

Do people really pull a plane? Check out these videos from previous events and see for yourself.