9th Plane Pull Challenge

Event Details

The 9th annual Plane Pull Challenge will be held on Saturday, September 13th from 11 am to around 4 pm at the Ottawa Airport.

The Plane Pull Challenge is always a fun filled event, make sure to tell your friends and family to come cheer for your team.

General information about the event

Please note the following:

  • The site will open to the general public at 10 am.
  • The event proceeds rain or shine. Don’t forget your sunscreen and/or umbrella.
  • Bring your kids! There are lots of children’s activities on site.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area.
  • No pets are allowed on-site. Guide dogs and service animals are the exception.


The Plane Pull Challenge is a memorable event for participants — after all, it’s not every day you get the chance to pull a plane!

Cost of registration is $1,000 for each team (minimum of 15 participants, maximum of 20).

Please note:

  • All participants must sign a waiver before participating in the Plane Pull Challenge. The team captain must present signed waivers with team sign up sheet prior to event.
  • No kids are allowed on the tarmac; however there are plenty of activities available for them on-site.


The fundraising is incredibly important for this event. It is optional for team members, but much appreciated as it makes a big difference in the amount of money that we are able to give to the charities. All funds raised support Project Clear Skies and the Sens Foundation. Talk to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues and encourage them to support you through your online personal fundraising page.

Plane Pull Challenge Rules

Team members will line up adjacent to the pull rope which is secured to the aircraft. When instructed by the referee, participants will create tension on the rope and prepare to pull. The team starts pulling at the sound of the horn and the timer will be activated. Participants will pull the aircraft 12 feet (3.5 metres). After the required distance has been covered, the time is stopped and the elapsed time is recorded as the team’s score.

Medals are awarded to the three fastest teams, and the Plane Pull Cup is also be awarded to the winning team.

Directions to the Plane Pull Challenge

  • From Hunt Club Road, turn south onto Paul Benoit Driveway (formerly known as Canadair Private). From there, follow the signs for Plane Pull Challenge parking.
  • From the Airport Parkway, turn right onto Tracker Road. At the end of this road, turn right onto Silver Star Private and left onto Paul Benoit Driveway (formerly known as Canadair Private). Then, follow the signs for the Plane Pull Challenge Parking.
  • If you can, car pool or take the bus, it helps protect the environment. OC Transpo bus #147 departs from Greenboro station, arriving at the corner of Paul Benoit Driveway (formerly known as Canadair Private) and Croil Private.