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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Project Clear Skies funded?

Project Clear Skies is funded directly by the Ottawa International Airport Authority (the Authority).  Every year, the Authority sets aside $100,000 to be disbursed among small charitable organizations located within the National Capital Region.

How do I submit an application?

Applications can be submitted by mail, email or fax:


Project Clear Skies
Ottawa International Airport Authority
1000 Airport Parkway Private, Room 2550
Ottawa, Ontario   K1V 9B4

Fax: 613-248-2012

Will Project Clear Skies commit to multi-year funding?

No. Applications for multi-year funding will not be considered by Project Clear Skies.

What are the funding criteria for Project Clear Skies?

To be eligible for consideration, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The organization must be a registered charity and the funding must be used for the charity’s purpose;
  2. The organization’s operating budget must be less than $2M;
  3. The funds requested must be for a “capital project” and not for operations;
  4. The organization cannot have dedicated fundraising personnel; and
  5. The organization must be located within the boundaries of the National Capital Region.

What are examples of what Project Clear Skies will not fund?

The following are not eligible for funding:

  1. Programs or services;
  2. Deficit reduction or operating costs;
  3. Groups that limit access based on religious affiliation;
  4. Political organizations; 
  5. Sports teams; and
  6. Sponsorship of any kind.

What are “capital projects”?

Capital projects, as defined by Project Clear Skies, are projects that are designated to maintain or improve an organization’s physical assets (or in other words, something you can touch). To get a better sense of what is an eligible project, please visit our website at to see examples of previously funded projects.

We’ve received Project Clear Skies funding in the past – can we apply again?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of applications that can be submitted by each organization. Each application will be considered on its own merit and in competition with the other applications.

If we are not successful can we re-submit our application?

If the project continues to meet the criteria, the application may be re-submitted in subsequent years for consideration.  Applications are not held over from year to year, so the application must be resent in order to be considered.

If we have more than one project, do we need to submit more than one application?

One application will suffice, but each project must be subtotaled independently (for instance, kitchen appliances $5,000, specialized bed $1,500, etc.).

Do we need to include a cost estimate with our application?

We strongly suggest you do so.

Can we use the funds for something else?

No. Funds must be used for the purpose outlined in the application and proof of this use will be requested.

What is the time limit to spend the money?

Funds must be spent within 90 days of receiving the cheque from Project Clear Skies.

Once the money has been spent, what are the next steps?

Proof of purchase and/or receipts must be submitted to Project Clear Skies.

Who decides which organizations will receive Project Clear Skies funding?

An evaluation committee meets to determine whether the applications meet the Project Clear Skies mission and funding criteria. As there are more applications than available funds, unfortunately not all applications receive funding.