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Funding Criteria

The goal is simple: to improve quality of life in the National Capital Region by funding projects that help small charitable organizations. The funding criterion is equally as simple: Project Clear Skies considers proposals for project funding from registered charities within the geographic boundaries of the National Capital Region as defined by the National Capital Commission.

What Project Clear Skies Will Fund

Project Clear Skies will only consider funding requests for capital projects. A “capital project” is defined as something that is designed to maintain or improve an organization’s (or its user’s) physical assets. 

A “registered charity” is definite as an organization that has applied for and received a charitable registration number from the Canada Revenue Agency for tax purposes and can, therefore, issue tax receipts.

While there is no limit to the amount of funding that can be applied to a single application, commitments will not be made for multi-year funding.

What Project Clear Skies Won’t Fund

Perhaps as important as what Project Clear Skies will fund is what it will not fund, including:

  • Organizations with dedicated fundraising staff;
  • Organizations with operating budgets that exceed $2 million;
  • Organizations that limit access based on religious affiliation;
  • Political organizations;
  • Sports teams;
  • Sponsorships of any kind;
  • Deficit reduction or operating costs; and
  • Programs or services.

For further information, consult a list of frequently asked questions.