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Infoguide Volunteers

The Infoguide volunteer program has been in place at the Ottawa Airport since 1989; first under the direction of the Toronto based organization “Travellers Aid” and then in 1997, they became part of the Ottawa Airport Authority team and took on their current name Infoguide. With two Infoguide kiosks at the airport; one in Arrivals on level 1 and on level 3 in the check-in area, a group of nearly 90 volunteers provide assistance to visitors 7 days a week.

As the first point of contact for many visitors, the Infoguide volunteers are true ambassadors to the airport and the National Capital region.

If you are interested in becoming an Infoguide volunteer, please complete an application form. For further information, write to us at or call us at 613-248-2000 ext. 1172.

Ottawa Airport Watch Volunteers

In 1999, the Ottawa International Airport Authority, in partnership with the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), developed the first Airport Watch Program in Canada. Its 35 volunteers provide enhanced crime prevention and detection as well as better security at and around the airport.

Airport Watch volunteers provide the same sort of security as the Neighbourhood Watch Program. Members monitor general aviation procedures, the condition of the fencing, wildlife activity, parking lots, suspicious behaviours and flying debris (FOD) while they enjoy their favorite pastime. They do not get involved in any situation - they are simply an extra pair of eyes and ears outside the perimeter fence. Their task is to “Observe, Record and Report”. In 2009, Airport Watch logged in over 3 700 surveillance hours.

The Ottawa Airport Watch welcomes like minded aviation enthusiasts to its membership. Anyone who would like to join the group should contact the Chairman at or the Membership Coordinator at

For additional information, please visit