Roadway leading to the airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Airport Hours of Operation

What time does the airport open in the morning?
The Ottawa International Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For an early morning flight, airline and security screening personnel will be on-hand to assist passengers at least two hours before the departure time.

Bank Machine

Is there a bank machine at the airport?
Several automated bank machines are at your disposal on each level of the passenger terminal building, in both the public areas and beyond security. For more information, click here.

Car Rentals

Where are the car rental companies located?
Most of the car rental agencies (Alamo National, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz) are conveniently located in the Parkade, across the street from the terminal. If you are renting from Discount, a representative will meet you at the Ground Transportation desk of the passenger terminal building on level 1. For the contact information of the car rental agencies operating out of the airport, click here.


What is the airport's address?
The Ottawa International Airport is located at 1000 Airport Parkway Private, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 9B4.

How do I get to the airport?
By using this interactive map, you will be able to obtain information on how to get to the airport. Simply fill in the address of where you are departing from.


How do I go about in getting a job at the airport?
Each organization operating out of the airport is responsible for their own hiring. As such, we suggest you visit their website or contact each agency directly to discuss employment opportunities. For more information, please visit the Employment Opportunities section of our website.

Filming and Photo Activities

Can I take photos and/or film at the airport?
Anyone who wishes to take photographs or footage of the airport are asked to contact the Communications and Public Relations Department prior to coming to the airport. More information is available by clicking here.

Flight Preparations

How much time before my flight should I arrive at the airport?
Passengers are recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before boarding a domestic or U.S. flight and 3 hours before boarding an international flight. Regardless of the departure time, airline personnel and security screening agents will be on hand to assist passengers at least two hours before all flight departures.

What time does security screening open?
For domestic and international flights, security screening opens daily at 4:30 am from May to November and 3:00 am daily from November to April. For U.S. flights, security screening opens at 4:30 daily year round.

Food and Beverage

Is there a place to eat beyond security?
A variety of restaurants are located beyond the security screening checkpoint. For a complete list of food and beverage options at the airport, click here.

Lost and Found

Where is your Lost and Found?

For articles lost in the passenger terminal building, on the airport property, or at the security pre-board screening check point, please contact the Lost and Found office at 613-248-2054 or visit their counter on level 1 of the terminal.

For lost luggage or articles left on an airplane, please refer to your airline.

For articles left in a taxi on the way to the airport, please refer to the taxi cab company you used to get to the airport.

For articles left in a WestWay Airport Taxi, please refer to the taxi dispatch on the inner curb of the arrivals roadway or call 613-523-1234.


What can't I pack in my carry-on?
For a list of permitted and non-permitted items, please visit the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority’s website at

What size and amount of luggage is permitted?
Each airline has different size and volume requirements for luggage. It is best to contact your airline directly for this information prior to leaving on your flight.

When I check-in my luggage, should it be locked?
Passengers can always lock their luggage however they need to be aware that their lock may be broken. When travelling domestically, it is unlikely that a lock would be tampered with. However, if travelling to or through the United States and/or abroad, authorities may search luggage, at which point, the lock will be broken to perform the search.

Who do I contact to retrieve my delayed luggage?
As airlines are responsible for their own passenger’s delayed luggage, please contact your airline directly. They will be able to trace back your luggage and make arrangements to return it to you.

Is there somewhere I can store my luggage at the airport?
The luggage storage facility is located on level 1 of the passenger terminal building. For a small fee, luggage may be kept securely for you. For additional information about this service, please call 613-523-8880 or visit their website.


Where should I park?
A variety of options are available to travellers and the general public wishing to use our parking facility. For more information, click here.

Do you have a shuttle from your Long Term parking lot?
As the Long Term Parking is situated adjacent to the new passenger terminal building, the need for a shuttle is not required. The furthest parking spot is less than a seven minute walk from the terminal. For more information on parking options at the airport, click here.

When picking up/dropping off a passenger, can we park on the curb and go inside the terminal?
For security reasons, no cars are permitted to be left unattended on the curb. Several parking options are available to meet your needs. Unattended cars are subject to parking fines and or towing.


Are pets allowed at the airport?
Pets on a leash are allowed at the airport. However, for consideration of those around you who may have allergies or may be scared of your pet, it is best to leave your companion at home. Disruptive, unruly or unclean pets may be asked to vacate the premises.

Where can pets relieve themselves? 
A designated pet relief area is located across the street from the passenger terminal (level 1) near the south end of the parkade. The area is clearly marked and plastic bags and garbage containers are available for disposing of waste.

Please note that there is no other area where your pet can relieve himself after the security screening area.

Plane Spotting

Where can I watch planes take off and land?
The observation area, located on level 3, is the best location from inside the passenger terminal building. However, depending on the runway being used, there are several other locations around the airfield (outside the airport precinct) that may provide the view you are looking for.


Is there somewhere I can buy souvenirs at the airport?
There are a variety of stores at the airport where you can purchase everything from maple syrup to clothing. For a complete list of stores, click here.


Is there a smoking lounge in the airport?
In accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, which prohibits smoking in all enclosed workplaces and enclosed public places across Ontario, the Ottawa International Airport Authority closed its smoking rooms located in the domestic and transborder holdrooms on June 30, 2006.

Special Assistance

I have a physical disability - who do I call if I need assistance to make my way through the terminal onto and off the plane and/or to help me with my luggage?
Should you require assistance when travelling, please contact your airline prior to arriving to the airport. They will ensure that someone is available to help you and/or that a wheelchair is available for you.


How much does it cost to take a taxi downtown?
The average cost to take a taxi downtown is $29.